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Many seminars held by the company from the crowd who asked "When buying gold payable zakat" so below we've included for our info together.

Selangor Zakat info:

1. I hear some people say that, the gold used is not compulsory dizakatkan? Is it true?
The answer, worn gold compulsory mentioned. However, it is calculated based on the uruf (means and patterns of local application of gold). Uruf application of gold in Maharashtra is not the same in Manitoba, as Manitoba was famous women like to wear a lot of jewelry. If gold is not worn achieve uruf, then it is not compulsory zakat on it. In Maharashtra, the rate is 800 grams of gold uruf.
We can calculate the zakat of gold itself. Take all the gold that is worn and considered, then multiply it with the weight of gold current gold price for the entire amount of Rs gold is then compared with the gold price based on the weight of 800 grams last (uruf). If it belebihan of 800 gram gold price, then then required to tithe.

2. I keep gold at home in the form of ingots and some gold jewelry that is damaged and not worn. Is it compulsory dizakatkan gold?
Gold stored in any form whatsoever, is required dizakatkan when it exceeds the nisab basis weight of 85 grams. To do so, take all the gold and weights then multiply by the current gold price and multiply by 2.5 percent for the charity.

3. If one girl wearing gold ornaments on his body, whether he must also be charity?
First, make sure the first number exceeds uruf gold. Second, according to the view of scholars who Rajih be dizakatkan gold. That is, dizakatkan by wali or guardian. This is the side view of Shafi'i and Maliki. There is even a hadith that clearly commands that the guardian of property of orphans in order to develop the properties that are not eaten by the charity. As the Prophet SAW saying:
"Anyone who is a saint of orphans and take care of his property, he should trade for him, and let him not leave the property unattended until it is eaten by the charity," ('Abdullah bin Umar from ad-Daruqutni)

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