Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Chinese entrepreneurs sharing a little secret .... Hopefully we can take the lessons learned & absorbed in practice in our business.
Tao Zhu Gong

1. Trade must be diligent, if not it was not to be.
2. Expenses must save, if not dropping capital.
3. Greet customers with a smile, if not off customers.
4. Time is always open, if not missing the opportunity.
5. Price should be reasonable, if not arise fights.
6. Lenders need to know the man, if not lost capital.
7. Should check their own accounts, if not do not know the strength of capital.
8. Give the offer should be clear and bright, if not it is not in order.
9. Items should be packed, if not like the garbage.
10. Instruct employees follow the rules, if not eat themselves.
11. Goods must check itself, if not lower the value and quality.
12. That period of time can not be delayed, if not lost faith.
13. Personal property and the need to be clear, if not arising irregularities.
14. Out in cash must be careful, if not overlapping errors.
15. Having problems needed to be resolved well, if not harm yourself.
16. Intention must be strong and clear, if not a waste of money and time.

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