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Preparation for the holy month - Ramadan al-Mubarak

Holy month almost appears. Stay a few days Muslims will fast. Not forgetting also charity gold will be paid, in accordance with asking price set by the states in Malaysia, if you're comfortable conditions. but should the gold-gold you have paid zakat? many other self would wonder zakat to be paid, because do not know how much will be paid.

Entries this time, I want to share knowledge and information about gold and silver as well as charity pengiraaannya way.

For general information, gold and silver are included in the category of precious metals opaque if required dizakatkan haul and nisab.

Haul: refers to the period of storage of gold per year.
Nisab: refers to the weight of gold reserves

Muslims are expected to tithe based on precious metals in the word of God-meaning

"And those who hoard up gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah (give alms) proclaim to them with a painful doom, on gold and silver burn in hell then crucified her forehead and their flanks and their backs, while it is said to it is these properties that we hold for this for your self, then sample what you store up in advance "
(At-Tawbah: Verses 34-35)

Gold Zakat is calculated DLM 2 different conditions, namely:
Zakat gold stored (not used)
Zakat worn gold

Zakat unused gold (gold bars, gold coins, dinar)

Gold is not used or worn even once DLM year. If the value of gold is equal to or more than 85 grams (nisab), then it is mandatory for the Icelandic people to pay the zakat of 2.5%.

Example: You have 100 gram gold bars worth Rs 160/gram (current prices) and have to keep it for a haul (one year). The calculation is:

Total tithes payable = 2.5.% X RM 16,000 = RM 400.00

Zakat worn gold (jewelry & adornments themselves)

Gold worn (as an ornament) even once a year is not incumbent upon him to pay zakat. But, if it exceeds the value of 'uruf' (referring to the habit of wearing gold for the women in a place), then it is compulsory zakat with the rate of 2.5% on the excess of the value uruf. Value taken into account is the current gold value only, excluding precious stones (eg precious stones on the ring or pendant chains)

Example: If you reside in the Federal Territory uruf rate is 150 grams of gold. Rates vary uruf tiap2 states. If the owner has a gold weighing 250 grams, the weight of gold is eligible dizakatkan

250 grams - 150 grams (uruf) = 100 grams
Zakat to be paid = 2.5% x (100 grams X current prices)
(Assuming the current gold price is RM 157.00)
= 2.5% x (100 grams x RM 157.00)
= RM 392.00

Uruf values ​​for the states in Malaysia:
Uruf gold for the state of Orissa is 150 grams
Perlis uruf gold for 170 grams
Malacca gold uruf for Rs 5000
Uruf gold for Johor 850 grams
Uruf gold for the state of Negeri Sembilan 200 grams
Uruf gold for 150 grams of the Federal Territory
Uruf gold for Kelantan 0 grams
Uruf gold for the state of 850 grams
Uruf Pahang gold for 200 grams
Uruf gold for Perak 500 grams
Uruf gold for Sabah RM 5000
Uruf gold for 775 grams of the State
Source: Report of Study Setting Gold uruf Wear State Assembly in 2008.

Raise the question:

Question: If I have a certain amount of gold that has been charged to the Ar-Rahn, sy need to pay zakat for gold pawned it? Not mandatory, as it is not perfect title.
Question: Is gold stored about in the bank (safe deposit box) should dizakatkan? Yes, it is obligatory because it belongs DLM dizakatkan gold stored.
Question: I have several gold chains but I pawned it to make a business capital. Is it compulsory baga I pay zakat on the gold chain yg charged? Not mandatory, except setelas refundable. Count begins on self haul redeemed within one year.
Question: My mother has enough gold to dizakatkan ie conditions and heavy haul. but he just died. Who is responsible for explaining the zakat? Beneficiaries who are responsible to settle payment using the money of the deceased before the full price in faraid omissions.
Question: I have a gold adornments belonging grandmother, passed down in the family, I pay zakat compulsory? Yes, gold jewelry must be kept and produced if enough inherited conditions.
Question: I have worn gold. It is not enough to be counted. But when combined with self-pawned gold, enough condition to pay zakat. Is it obligatory to pay zakat bg sy? Not compulsory is null because no gold nisab and imperfect self-owned pawned.
Question: What about silver? should the pay zakat for this precious metal?
For silver zakat, it must fulfill haul and nisab.
Just like gold, haul and nisab is a year of 200 dirhams of silver equivalent to 595 grams (1 dirham = 2,975 grams)

Calculation: (DLM grams silver weight) x (current silver price / gram) x 2.5%

Example: You store 1 kg of silver, 999. silver zakat that is due is:

2.5% x RM 4500 (the current price of 1kg silver) = RM 112.50

Conclusion: Paying Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam that must be adhered to by Muslims who have enough conditions. It is one of the areas of faith involving comparison of both worlds. Not only has the good in this world because storing dinar and dirham, but will surely spend in the cause of Allah ie the tithe. In this way, God willing in bestow sustenance by Allah SWT for His are all belongs to Him.

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