Monday, 19 November 2012



He is the move of other Islamic countries to help Bosnia & Herzogovinia when Muslims there slaughtered by Serbian terrorists.
He was also well-sending hundreds Commando Team Malaysia brought confidentially to Bosnia to help our brothers in Islam during the era of aggression and genocide of Muslims in Bosnia at the time. "If the Arab countries did not come to help, 
we send only our soldiers, "- Tun Mahathir.

3)He was also conspired with the government of the Sultan of Brunei to provide the amount of funds billions of dollars to buy weapons and anti-tank ammunition to Bosnian Muslim forces.

4) .He who never cried when visiting Bunker which Yasser Arafat in Palestine

5) He was also the leader of the Islamic Palestinian President Yasser Arafat's call asking for help and assistance when it was attacked by the Zionist regime.

6) He was the one who risked life of his wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah plane to Baghdad carrying humanitarian aid to Muslims in order to release the U.S. sanctions.

7) He is called the Pharaoh and he was the one who vociferously condemn the atrocities Gog Magog / Zionists over defending Muslims and Islam in the eyes of the world.

8) He is a hard working, not just sitting pray without doing anything.

9) He is that when different parties Muslim brothers pray for her misfortune. But he were permitted by God into the EARTH.
10)  He too had shot and killed his highest position available to save Muslims in Bosnia.

.In fact, he is now regarded as a world leader who succeeded despite leading a small country. He not only succeeded in freeing his country from every side, but trying liberate other nations from the shackles of a development philosophy generated from clear western Ideally bankruptcy.

Who is she? Yes ... he ...
 In view of Tun Dr Mahathir, former PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA and respected man and LEADERS OF ISLAM MUSLIMS around the world

I and Tun Dr Mahathir your services THANK No one in this world can be avenged Unless Only Allah SWT ...

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