Monday, 5 November 2012

NEW Products Gold Dinar Syifa

In the next few days Gold Silver Resources Sdn Bhd aka GSR2u latest dinar will officiate. Dinar named Syifa '(Medicine is the meaning of the present economic system), with 917 purity, weighing 4.25gram
Thanks Alhamduliliah could pose with Gratitude CEO Mr Kl Malaysia Assayer Most Important People in the Industry Gold Silver. For This question Knows Who Came ask the dispatcher for this signing Natural (Non-Print Know) on certificate authentication Gold and Perak. Akhirya All answered a .. 

it comes with exclusive packaging black and gold lettering. very suitable to be used as wedding gifts, birthday gifts, or a gift to your loved ones.

interested in his possession can contact us or directly to pages Fan pages I

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